Devlog 11 | Carrying Boxes and Sprinting

Sprinting! Boxes carrying?! Join me on a Unity Devlog adventure for “Ready Steady Ship”! In this video very short video I made sprint and boxes carrying mechanics. Created some Animations and[…]

Devlog 10 | My Story of Gamedev

Game dev journey – I won an award?! A couple of my projects I showcased during the video: Join me on an awe-inspiring adventure into indie game development as I[…]

Devlog 9 | Unity Cinematics Using Timeline

Join me for behind-the-scenes of my latest game project Ready, Steady, Ship!, and learn how I created cinematics using Unity and Fiverr voice-over. Follow the step-by-step process, from the scenario to[…]

Devlog 8 | New Chapters

Exciting news: Nintendo Switch Join me for an exciting game development progress update! In this video, I reveal new chapters for the game, announce plans to release it on Nintendo Switch[…]

Devlog 7 | Color Saturation Shader

Creating a Color Saturation Shader: Game Dev Tips In this devlog, I’ll be showing you how I created a mechanic for when the player runs out of time in my game.[…]

Devlog 6 | Sketch to 3D Model

Creating a Game Character: Sketch to 3D Model In this video, I’ll take you on a journey through the creation of my newest game character. Starting with a sketch, I’ll show[…]

Devlog 5 | User Interface of Level Selection in Adobe Illustrator and Unity

From Mockups to UI Design: Designing a Level Selection UI in Unity and Adobe Illustrator Discover the step-by-step process of designing and implementing a captivating level selection user interface (UI) for[…]

Devlog 4 | Making a Crane in Unity

Coding a Crane: Blender, Unity, and Animations In this video, I demonstrate my process for creating a crane in my game, complete with climbing and driving animations. I begin by modeling[…]

Devlog 3 | Building a Shredder

From Modeling to Code: Building a Shredder In this game devlog, I show you how I created the shredder for my game using Blender and Unity. I started by modeling the[…]

Devlog 2 | Creating a Conveyor with Unity

Welcome to the world of Ready, Steady, Ship! In this devlog, I cover a range of game development topics, including coding, animation setup, and shader coding. Specifically, I demonstrate how to[…]