Get on board this couch co-op game, build on your teamwork skills and solve logic puzzles. Partner up with your buddies to assemble the most efficient conveyor line and transfer goods out of the factory!

Oh no! The factory is swarming with orders to be shipped, so you and your colleagues are on a tight schedule! Each assignment is a ticking time bomb ready to explode and only the finest, most skillful shipping clerks will complete them. Put your best foot forward and make sure all deadlines are met so the factory can operate smoothly!

Play solo or invite your buddy for a classic couch co-op cooperative challenge. Construct conveyor lines, sort, fold and fill shipment boxes and don’t forget – the work safety inspector is always watching!

Ready, Steady, Ship! is easy to control, so anyone can join the fun, but teamwork is a must! Make sure you partner up with someone who communicates well and keeps one’s cool in stressful situations if you want to achieve the best results and become a top employee!

Each shift can go bad anytime, so strive to make smart, well-timed decisions to ensure the factory runs like a well-oiled machine! It’s all in your hands, whether you chose to stop the conveyor belt and rethink your decisions when an unexpected accident strikes or just sit back and watch the goods getting destroyed. Whatever your work ethic, don’t forget – each shift could be your last!